Child Safety

Sacred Heart has an ethical and legal responsibility to develop and implement strategies that embed an organisational culture of child safety. All students enrolled, and any child visiting, have a right to feel safe and be safe. The wellbeing of children on our care will always be our first priority and we have zero tolerance to child abuse. Sacred Heart is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive Child Safety Program designed to keep children safe.

Should any member of our school community, including visitors, have any queries relating to our Child Safety Program, or wish to report an allegation od child abuse, please contact our child safety officer: Suzie McManus

Policies and Guidelines

Below are links which contain the relevant policies, procedures and statements.

DOBCEL PROTECT Reportable Conduct Scheme

PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse

CECV Commitment to Child Safety

Sacred Heart School DOBCEL Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2022

Kid - friendly Child Safe Policy

Sacred Heart School DOBCEL School Bullying Prevention Policy 2022

Sacred Heart School DOBCEL Diversity and Equity Policy 2022

Sacred Heart School DOBCEL School Complaints Handling Policy 2022

Sacred Heart School DOBCEL School recruitment Policy 2022

Sacred Heart School Engaging Families and Caregivers in Child Safety Policy 2022

DOBCEL Student Empowerment and Participation 2022

Sacred Heart School PROTECT Reporting and Responding Obligations Procedures

DOBCEL PROTECT: Reporting and Responding Obligations Policy

Sacred Heart School Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct

Sacred Heart Child Safety Officer Role Description

SWPBS Student Matrix