Student Leadership

Owen Mason, Dana Murphy, Nate Constantine & Jayden Godfrey

At Sacred Heart, we believe that having a say is critical. Student voice acknowledges that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education.

Student voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas and is central to the work our student leaders engage in.

Student leaders are responsible, fair minded, positive and caring representatives of, and advocating for, the student body. They actively demonstrate, promote and encourage involvement in creating a positive whole school community.

A key feature of Sacred Heart’s success is the active involvement of students in the life of the school. The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students, which includes joining leadership teams and participating in leadership programs.

Our school based 'Young Leaders' Program focuses on the skills, values and attitudes needed for effective student leadership. Students are given support on how to become a student leader and build the following attributes: responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness; they are friendly and act like a good friend should; they work well with others; are capable of doing the job; and are positive and enthusiastic.

Each class meets regularly to discuss issues of importance to the children of our school. Children learn about how meetings are conducted, discussing issues and the process of voting to make a collective decision. Our student Council Representative attends these meetings and brings back concerns and ideas to the Leadership team.

At our leadership meetings, we focus on areas to celebrate and areas of concern to take to our weekly Friday assembly. There, the students run discussions to problem solve and give feedback about issues addressed at previous meetings.

In term 4, Grade 5 students participate in a Student Leadership Induction Program. This excellent program focuses on the five building blocks, confidence, public speaking, team skills, organisation and responsibility.